Why do I write..?

*Teeny tiny caveat: this post was published on LinkedIn first, albeit minutes later*

After picking up an email invite earlier this week to publish on LinkedIn, I couldn’t help but jump online and get clicking away on my trusty laptop. After reading myriad comments from fellow LinkedIn-Influencers who were having trouble writing their first blog post, I just had to get writing.

Firstly, it was a lovely surprise to have LinkedIn ask for my content. After the feeling of impervious pompous flattery had passed (it took all of 90 seconds, but it was there all the same), I started thinking what wisdom I could possibly impart to my fellow LinkedIn users. That’s not to say I’m not knowledgeable; it’s just that I know quite a bit about many different things. From writing, social media, marketing, PR and baking, I wasn’t really sure where to start. So I went with my gut. To all those people out there who are having problems coming up with content for your LinkedIn post, go with your gut.

What do you enjoy? What floats your boat? It could be checking in on Facebook every day, be it for work or pleasure. It could reading to review books. It could be bungee jumping. What really gets you excited, so stoked that you stop functioning? For me, it’s writing.

I write because I have to. It’s a beautiful sometimes downright annoying urge to extract my thoughts from the usual whirlpool of my mind into a string of coherent sentences. Even when I come home from social engagements (be it a gig or a work’s night out), I have to do a little bit of writing. It’s some form of release. When something feels like that, hang onto it.

How did I start writing? I’d like to say that I stumbled into writing by luck, but it’s not a romantic notion as that (I wish). I graduated with a degree in Creative Writing with English Literature, then I wrote on and off for a few years, whilst freelancing around the country. Yes, I’ve worked in various industries (just one of the joys of freelancing), and with each industry, I’ve learnt something new. From fashion to politics to consultancy management, I have met a tonne of different people from various walks of life. And some of those people whom I met, or experiences that struck a chord with me, have made me into the person I am and in no small way, impacted my writing today.

One of my novellas features a hard-nosed protagonist, with a heart of gold, acid tongue – and who also knew me in my fashion days over four years ago. So you just don’t know where your idea for your next book / blog / status update is going to come from…

Ciao for now,