Writing is more than just a profession for me. It is a method of self-expression. It is what I enjoy doing, and when I am eye-ball deep in book plotting, I need to be wearing the appropriate clothing.

By appropriate, I mean a dress-code. Yes there is a dress-code for writing, in that it has to be the most comfortable, most squishiest fabric for me to really get to grips with my story.

When my characters don’t behave (a frequent occurrence) and I’m pacing the floor willing them to do certain things and they just won’t listen to me (more on mischievous characters in a standalone writing post), then I need to be in the most relaxing attire.


I came across YAWN, whose luxury lounge- and night- wear for women caught my eye. This online retailer delivers to your door; you simply choose your garment with the option of gift-wrapping if it is a present, consult the helpful size guide and wait till the package arrives. YAWN delivers across the UK, Europe and the wider world, so if it’s a Christmas gift with a difference that you’re after, do have a peek on their website

My PJ set arrived in a cuter-than-a-baby-panda package.


I love opening parcels and mail (my own, not anyone else’s just to clarify). There is something so romantic about receiving a hand-written letter or parcel (more on that and my calligraphy interest in a standalone post).

When I received my YAWN parcel, it took every inch of my resolve not to rip open the package like I normally would, i.e. similar to the actions of a hungry bear. I don’t think ripped cardboard would photograph very well, which is why I heeded the calming instructions on the front of the package. It is small touches like these which make you consider YAWN to be a company with a difference.

I love the YAWN aesthetic, which has comfort at its core. The range of luxe clothing including pyjama sets, night dresses and dressing gowns is made all the more covetable due its fabrics.

Using a high-thread density cotton count (standard cotton is 150, YAWN packs in 284), the resulting material has a close and smoother weave which leads to less pilling. When I slid into my PJs, I found that it didn’t really feel like regular cotton, so this high thread count definitely registered with me.



In a world with over 7.6 billion humans, it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. I love being different (I once wore banana yellow shoes to primary school because I was tired of looking the same as everyone else – more on that in a standalone post).

I have always loved being different, and this is why I totally dig YAWN’s unique graphics and hand-drawn prints. I love how YAWN garments are hand-painted in Clerkenwell, London (my spirit home) using ink, charcoal and water. I felt grounded when wearing my YAWN PJ set, because I was at ease. Maybe on a subconscious level, it was registering that the combination of natural materials including cotton and charcoal was good for me, and the environment too. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true!

My pyjama set is titled Storm Clouds and is inspired by dramatic stormy nights.

Yes the prints are named, and include cute, creative titles such as Float Away, House Of Cards, Lovebirds, Port In A Storm, Pineapple Skies and Calm Waters.

Storm Clouds is YAWN’s new exclusive print and consists of hand-drawn rain clouds floating hot air balloons.

I couldn’t think of a more apt title of Storm Clouds for my PJ set, as the book I am writing (Screaming Snowflakes which is also part of three book saga) features weather as a focal point. One of the characters can change the weather, and book 2 has at its core a giant storm, which is another reason why I chose Storm Clouds as my writing outfit.

What sort of writer are you? Are you a ‘sit as still as a log’, or a fidgety faffer? When I’m writing, I’m twirling my hair, shifting positions, pacing the floor, occasionally raiding the larder as I search for the right word that sometimes eludes me. My point being – all this movement can sometimes be constraining if I’m say, in skinny jeans. The soft waistband of the PJs, plus generous pockets (all the better for holding my secret stash of Callebaut callets) is super comfy.

YAWN has joined my list of firm writing favourites; aforementioned Callebaut, Frapin and candle (anything by Little Paperie in Ashbourne, or Heyland & Whittle floats my boat). Yes I light a candle when I’m writing, it just feels right and really gets me in the mood for writing. 

I write every day, and will definitely be making the YAWN slogan a personal motto – Phone off, Kettle on, Pyjama Time.

For more information about YAWN and their products (I have my eye on their cream and camel bedsocks), hop onto their website now.

*Pyjama set gifted in exchange for an honest review*