The start of a new season heralds a flurry of new menus, cooked up by intrepid minds in the kitchen. I was pleased, excited and super chuffed to be invited to Belgo’s first birthday party.

Standing loud and proud on the corner of Weekday Cross, Belgo’s is one of my favourite spaces in Nottingham. Their Belgian beer range is second to none, whilst their fresh waffles are lovely served warm.


It was a busy night packed full of good food, celebration, Prosseco and cake.


Whenever I’ve visited, Belgo has always been busy, and what I love about this place is that it attracts a diverse crowd. I remember from back in the day, when I used to frequent the Holborn branch of Belgo. We’d rock up every Thursday, (which was the new Friday), running out from work at exactly 5:01pm and anticipating the weekend ahead as we celebrated good times at one of the coolest spots in London. I shall always have fond memories of Belgo in London, which is why I was thrilled to find out about the Belgo opening in Nottingham last May.


Fast forward a year and Belgo Nottingham is still going strong. We enjoyed a selection of delicious canapes and indulged in dreamy desserts too. Here are a few photos from the night.

Garlic & leek moules
Garlic & leek moules

Garlic & leek moules packed a garlicky punch. The sautéed leeks with a sprinkling of breadcrumbs and drizzle of garlic butter were very good.

Cheese & beer croquettes, Belgo Nottingham
Cheese & beer croquettes

Cheese and beer isn’t a combination that you see everywhere, which is why I was pleasantly surprised to see this on a new seasonal menu. And guess what? It worked. The sharp tang of the beer cut through the unctuous cheese, rendering these morsels extremely moreish and are one of my favourite items from the Belgo menu.

Other delectable offerings included Chimay cheese and pickle canapés, potted chicken liver pate, crispy pork belly, shredded duck croquettes, lobster bisque, black pudding, carbonade flamande and Royal Flush Belgian waffles.

I managed to grab a bite of waffle and thought the accompanying Chantilly cream and cherry coulis to be innovative and very cool. Sorry I don’t have photos for that, they somehow managed to disappear from my hard-drive. I cannot wait to return to Belgo Nottingham, so expect a review for that shortly.

Have you visited Belgo’s? I’d love to know how you got on. If you haven’t been, hop on over to Belgo Nottingham website. They have a lovely seating area outside, which is perfect for al fresco dining in these warmer months.

Belgo Nottingham, see you again very soon.