Cracking Easter with Chaat House goodies and chocolate..!

Dear People,

How are you? Having a slam-dunk fabulous Easter..? I hope you managed to indulge in all the scrummy chocolate that your purse and stomach could afford. I just wanted to jump on the blog for a few minutes to wish you all a very merry Easter (gosh how Christmassy does that sound?) and that I hope you enjoyed clement weather. It’s Bank Holiday so of course it was going to rain at some point. As I type now, it’s dull, wet and gloomier than a soaking giant’s pocket.

Yes I’ve got giants and trolls on the brain, having got sucked in to The Hobbit last night. It’s a whopping three hour film (or thereabouts) and having watched only half last night, will watch the remainder tonight. Have you seen it? Martin Freeman is something of a legend, loving his comic timing and general all-round fabulousness. That’s what Bank Holiday’s are for, making room for “me time”, doing the spring cleaning, washing up, watching catch-up DVDs and naff TV (the only thing noteworthy on TV was the thousandth repeat of You Only Live Twice).
I also wanted to let you know about this wonderful place I’ve had the pleasure to frequent yesterday.


The Chaat House is a pure vegetarian restaurant-café that does chaat (I think you figured that) and for those who don’t know what chaat is, let me quickly explain. It’s an Indian starter made from spicy tidbits of Indian snacks, like puffy rice, fried sundries, tamarind sauce, light as air dumplings and lashings of creamy yogurt. I haven’t been to The Chaat House for a good few years, and visiting with The Dude yesterday, was a treat and a half. Although the place has had a bit of a revamp, it’s changed branding and now goes by 4 Seasons Chaat. Still the food is delicious as ever and really really moreish (I could easily murder a chaat dish as I type). I highly recommend the Mix Chaat which is healthy, spicy and perfectly proportioned to chase away any colds or hunger pangs you may be experiencing in this erratic weather. Their Gulab Jamun (Indian doughnut dessert) are delicious, but could have done with teensy weensy extra soaking time in the syrup. Prices are very reasonable too, with the Mix Chaat well worth every penny of its £3.99 price tag.

The Dude loves his Falooda (milky jelly) and had it incorporated in a strawberry milkshake. He downed his drink within five minutes, so I’m guessing he liked it. Did you guys dine out any place nice for Easter? Bank Holidays are all about spending time with the family and your loved ones and I hope that whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you’re having a brilliant time.

Take care,