Master of Malt Highballs


What is your go-to cocktail when you’re out (or at home, nowadays?). When the weather is in-between sunny and cool, I tend to go for a longer drink with something a little stronger. Master of Malt kindly sent me their Highball care package with the World Whisky Blend from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, alongside a tonic waters pack, to check out.


The bottle of whisky, created by blending various whiskies is made specifically in mind for mixing. I tasted it by itself first, to get a true flavour profile.


Whisky highball cocktail from Master of Malt with tonic
Whisky highballs, Fevertree tonic water, World Whisky Blend by That Boutique-y Whisky Company


I find it starts with a soft and almost fudgy mouth-feel, a faint inkling of mulled spice growing after a few seconds, and super smooth on the swallow.


The beauty of a blended whisky is that it has a depth of flavour that is eclectic. You can add in your preferred mixer of choice (tonic water, soda water, cola), I stuck to tonic water that was included in the pack. I made a few highballs using tall glasses, loads of ice, orange wedges and cucumber ribbons. 



I love food and drink matching and experimentation and wondered how the whisky would translate into a dish. After a little experimentation, I found that the World Whisky Blend from That Boutique-y Whisky Company pairs exceedingly well with white chocolate, in particular, a white chocolate and hazelnut blend from Morrisons. I heated some frozen churros* by baking in the oven, warmed up a small teacup of the white chocolate, spiked with a good glug of whisky and enjoyed. The whisper of spice from the whisky married really well with the white chocolate, and helped accentuate the nutty flavour profile.



I will be doing some more taste tests using whisky and other spirits in my festive cakes in the coming months, as Christmas is around the corner, so do keep your eyes peeled.


*I stumbled across frozen churros earlier this year when I was doing my weekly shop. I thought I’d try them and wasn’t expecting much – I mean, come on, ready made churros… that were frozen? I was really, actually, pleasantly surprised by them, and now I always have a pack for back up. Usual dunking sauce of choice is milk chocolate or Morrisons white chocolate hazelnut blend. To be extra authentic, get some sugar, sprinkle a little cinnamon into it, then dust your oven warm churros with this sugar.


For more information about the World Whisky Blend from That Boutique-y Whisky Company, visit Master of Malt.


Thank you for reading; there’s a gazillion blogs out there, and you’re here reading this, and it is really appreciated. 😊