I focus writing about food and books, however I watched Rye Lane at Derby QUAD last night and I am still thinking about. So, I think Rye Lane deserves a quick blog because it really is a brilliant film.


Rye Lane is a romcom with a twist. Yes, some may find the term ‘romcom’ reductive, but I honestly mean it is a giant, whopping compliment.


I love romcoms and old school Bollywood romances (more on that some other time), but for now, let’s focus on Rye Lane. I only went to watch it at Derby QUAD as I had a few cinema tickets to use up by the end of March.


As a QUAD member I get a few cinema tickets as part of the membership package, and I have just renewed my membership, because not only do you get discounts, but heads up on events and a boatload more too.


Rye Lane follows Yas and Dom, both who are going through tough break-ups, who meet at an art gallery. Their serendipitous encounter leads them on an unexpected journey as they navigate heartbreak and new beginnings, with a break-in, bizarre backyard BBQ and a scene-stealing cameo paying homage to Love Actually, thrown in along the way.



Their meet-cute in the toilets, where we see poor Dom sobbing over his ex-girlfriend, is oh so cute, very, very funny, and poignant. It is rare that I get pulled into a film in the first few minutes, but Rye Lane, my God, it yanked me straight into a bear hug and would not let me go for the entire 80 odd minutes.


The charismatic leads and their chemistry is off the scale. Yas (Vivian Oparah) is vivacious and inspiring, whilst Dom (David Jonsson) has a quiet confidence and million dollar smile that you honestly cannot stop looking at.


A special mention goes to Eric (Benjamin Sarpong-Broni) whose razor sharp comic timing will have you chuckling when he is on screen and Googling where else you can see his work, when you’ve left the cinema. I would have liked to see more of Benjamin, but then again, I want to see more of Yas and Dom and I really really, hope they make it.


The cast shine under the direction of Raine Allen-Miller whose discerning attention to detail in their feature film directorial debut sparkles with energy and joie de vivre. The script is the brainchild of Nathan Byron and Tom Melia, writers who are now officially on my Must Watch list. 


Rye Lane is currently showing at Derby QUAD and cinemas nationwide.