Gaslight wine and cocktail bar is one of the newest additions to Derby’s drinking scene. Nestled in Friargate Derby, this is a cocktail bar with a difference. It feels super luxe and is a stunning space in which to hang out. I caught up with Katie Goslin, deputy manager at Gaslight Derby. Her travels took her across New Zealand and Australia, and now she’s settled in the UK and loving her work at Gaslight Derby. Find out more about her work with Gaslight, how she feels about cocktail creation, and what drink trends we can look forward to this year.

Tell us about your typical working day at Gaslight.

Each day is different, Monday is stock and payroll (the boring stuff) Tuesdays are our days off, Wednesday is delivery day and general cleaning. Thursday is the start of the weekend so it’s getting all prep done and then of course the weekend is the mad time. It kind of goes by in a blur and I wake up on Sunday and think “wahoo we made it!”


Gaslight is one of the places to be for sumptuous surroundings, great cocktails and fantastic service. How do you want people to feel when the step foot into Gaslight?

I feel that Gaslight is the kind of place where you want to dress up. I feel it is very cosy, welcoming and classy. It also feels like you’re going back in time, as the space has a vintage feel to it.

What can Gaslight bring to Derby’s bustling drinking scene?

It’s unique. We pride ourselves on being innovative and coming up with a lot of our drinks from scratch. All our syrups are made here too so our cocktails are extremely fresh.

Have you always been passionate about drinks and hospitality?

I fell into bar work when I was 20 and it has become my passion. I love making sure everyone is getting the best service and having an amazing time.


Do you make cocktails at home? If so, what is your drink of choice?

Does a cup of tea count? My go-to drink is spiced rum and coke with lots of fresh lime… a take on Cuba Libre I guess.

Your Bellinis are pretty special. What is your favourite cocktail from the Gaslight menu?

That would be a toss-up between Bountyful or Cherry Delight.

How much of a role do you play in developing the cocktail menu? Those tastings must be great!

We created the menu from scratch, it was very time consuming but so much fun getting to experiment and taste everything.


What inspires you in the bar and how long does it take you to create a cocktail?

I like to look at the products we have and try and create something new. We tend to go on the flavours we like and start mixing things together. It can take a while as there have to be a few tweaks made. We’re always learning, we listen to feedback and adapt menus accordingly.

What drink trends have you encountered this year? Any new ingredients you can tell us about?

Gin is a massive seller and also tequila is making a comeback. Not just as a shot, there are some amazing brands out there that we are excited about.


What would be the drink to go with your last supper?

It would have to be a spiced rum and coke – with lots of fresh lime.

Have you visited Gaslight Derby? I’d love to know how you got on. For more information about Gaslight Derby, hop on over to their Facebook page and Twitter page right here. Chin chin!