Yo! Sushi in Intu Derby recently celebrated their first birthday. From clouds of balloons to members of staff dressing up for the occasion, it was a fun evening packed with good food, great company (gal pal N I’m looking at you) and a surprise sneak peek at Yo! Sushi’s festive offerings. Their apple and cinnamon Yo!Nuts sound lush. Here is the cool, compact menu, which is now available for your delectation at Yo! Sushi.

Yo! Sushi festive meni

It was lovely seeing other fellow foodie bloggers, who were celebrating on the night too. Have you been to Yo! Sushi and what did you think of it? I know some who aren’t sushi fans, but like the versatility of Yo! Sushi’s menu. It’s more than raw fish, honest. For the uninitiated, you may want to start with surimi (mock fish) which mimics the taste and flavour of seafood.

California roll

We kicked off with California roll (surimi, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise nori roll, toasted black and white sesame seeds). Avocado and surimi is a lovely combination, and even more special when dunked liberally into a pool of salty soy sauce.

Salmon teriyaki

I had to order salmon teriyaki. When I say had to, I mean my stomach and heart would never have forgiven my refrain from this heavenly dish. This is one of my favourite from the menu and a staple of mine when dining at Yo! Sushi. Tender salmon that comes away with the merest of nudges, coupled with a gorgeous glaze of teriyaki always transports me to heaven. If you love salmon, then you must try this fish dish, because Yo! Sushi do it the best.

Hoisin duck

Hoisin duck bun (Hoisin duck, house pickled cucumber, Hirata bun) was good. I’m not a fan of five spice or aniseed flavours, but if I was, then I’m sure I’d love this dish. The duck was well cooked and the fluffy Hirata bun a joy to eat.

Salt and pepper squid

Salt and pepper squid is more of a snack and an excellent side to munch on if you’re stuck in that awkward realm of “being not hungry to slightly peckish”. Crispy batter is in beautiful juxtaposition to the soft squid inside. Note: if spicy food isn’t your thing, just pick out the slivers of red chilli and enjoy sans heat instead.

Japanese seabass

Japanese seabass (seabass, tempura batter, ponzu sauce) was reminiscent of an oriental version of British favourite fish and chips. Ponzu sauce which is a soy based sauce is given a tangy kick through the addition of citrus fruits, usually lemon and orange. I found the melt-in-the-mouth fish was very good with just a light pouring of Ponzu sauce to bring out the freshness of the fish.

Salmon Yuzu tartare

Salmon Yuzu tartare (diced salmon, yuzu tobiko, salmon roe, coriander pesto) was as pretty as a picture. Burnished orange salmon, topped with two different types of caviar, with a river of coriander pesto was delicious. This is one to be shared, due to the very generous portion size.

Apple gyoza

Oriental eateries can sometimes be a disappointment on the dessert front. Not at Yo! Sushi.

I loved the apple gyoza, (dumplings filled with apple compote, salted miso caramel), which were crispy and wondrous. The salted miso caramel is lush and would be a great dipping sauce for any fruit too.

Gal Pal N tucked into the Japanese soufflé cheesecake, which she found to be moist and exceedingly light. It’s featherlight texture is down to the genius double combo of it being baked and a soufflé.

Japanese soufflé cheesecake

I love it at Yo! Sushi. And I’m so very glad I was there to celebrate its first birthday. The success of this eatery is down to good food, excellent customer service, and staff who really care about the food and how it leaves the kitchen. See here Alex getting into the birthday celebratory spirit, and yes, that sumo outfit did really suit him.


Congratulation to YO! Sushi on your first birthday I hope there will be many more.

Address: Yo! Sushi, Eat Central, Level 2, West Mall, Intu, Derby DE1 2PL

Tel: 01332 412304