Hey all, how are you doing? Did you enjoy the extra hour of slumber? This Derby foodie slept loads… and loved it. I also checked out Hackwood Farm, which has been on my To-Review-List since forever (a review on that in a standalone post coming soon). I was checking my calendar and was startled to realise that Christmas is less than two months away. TWO MONTHS. Where had 2015 gone?

bean past

Now you won’t be able to escape the fact that Christmas is around the corner, with the plethora of Christmas party booking menus and posters bashing you over the head in pubs and restaurants. Come end of October, your own office party will probably be well and truly on your radar. As the season of festive over-indulgence edges forward sneakier than Jungle Book’s Kaa, you must be wondering how you can be healthy in the run-up to December. You can try a fad diet, which usually results in temporary weight-loss, or you can take a pragmatic, viable approach by generally eating healthier produce over a sustained period.


I was lucky to discover Explore Asian Bean Pasta, which is delicious and could help with your healthy living lifestyle. It cooks like pasta, but is made from 100% organic beans, is high in protein, fibre and is gluten free. Bean Pasta has all the hallmarks of fast-food – minus the calories.


Due to its high fibre content, you will be full up for longer, avoiding succumbing to those dreaded afternoon biscuity snacks. The beauty of the Explore Asian range is that the bean pastas are only made from organic beans and water, and are suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those wanting to pursue a healthier diet.


Organic Soybean SpaghettiThere are currently four delicious variations of Explore Asian Bean Pastas that cook in around seven minutes (I timed mine, and it cooked perfectly in 6minutes 40 seconds). The Organic Black Bean Spaghetti mimics the look of high-end black squid ink pasta and is perfect for the discerning diner who likes innovative dishes. The Organic Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine is great for a lovely garlic prawn pasta dish that packs a punch. The fat ribbons of pasta have a slightly meaty texture, which is ideal for the newbie herbivore who may be missing meat. Other flavours include Organic Soy Bean Spaghetti and Organic Edamame Spaghetti, which are versatile and make the perfect mid-week meal to be rustled up within minutes.

Being healthy requires a multi-faceted approach. Eat healthy, exercise and above all, give yourself some leeway for those occasional treats (the last thing you want is to feel like you’re depriving yourself). Kick-start your healthy living plan now, so come Christmas time, you won’t be caught on the back foot. Will you rise to the challenge? Do let me know how you got on, how you found the pasta, and good luck!