I am thoroughly enjoying exploring the craft beer scene. With the opening of various street-food and cazzh-dining experiences in Derby just this week alone, this local-ish event caught my eye.

PureCraft, a bar/pub/restaurant is hosting a beer tasting session later this week (Wednesday 31 May 2017). Here is what the organisers have to say about this beer tasting.

There are two ways you can swot up on your beer knowledge, firstly through the ‘Intro to Beer’ or ‘Speciality Tastings’. Both sound equally cool, although I’d be tempted to attend both, just to plug any knowledge gaps.

I love the idea of wine flights and constantly lament the dearth of beer flights. It is commendable, refreshing and bloody brilliant that PureCraft is hosting an event where the combination of beer and wine is celebrated.

What is your favourite craft beer? I’d love to know. If you’re a brewer or supplier, drop me an email, I’m always on the lookout for writing about cool bods in this industry.

Have a great weekend all.