Hello All,

Hope you’re all well. This is my second attempt to get settled in a café and blog and write to my little heart’s content. I was at 200 degrees earlier, which wasn’t too great for me. Anyway, onwards and upwards. Here is my second LiveBlog of today. I’m sitting in a quaint café-deli on Pelham Street, Hockley in Nottingham. It was recommended to me a few hours ago, which is when I sped out of 200 degrees and took my sweet cheeks here.

Atlas seems rather unassuming. Like a regular café decked out in red and white décor (including red spotted table-cloth). Now, there’s nothing more important than the coffee. And it’s fricking out of this world. I ordered my usual soya milk caramel latté (extra hot, extra wet) and it is very very delicious and really gets those creative juices flowing. I feel like I’m in the perfect place to continue writing my book, because the background music isn’t whacking me around the face and the conversation levels are subtle and comforting.

The lovely Nicola made my coffee. And to me, she is now a rock star. Try and look out for her if you can. If she gets to make your coffee, be sure you’re in for a treat. (The other Atlas guys are probably really cool too, I just haven’t had the opportunity to taste their handiwork.)

I’d highly recommend this place. Service is quick, efficient and above all, it doesn’t cost the earth (a very reasonable £2.50 for my coffee). The only teeny tiny thing I’d suggest is that it would be beyond cool if more comfier chairs were provided (these plastic ones do the job but aren’t unfortunately so good when blogging for hours on end).

It is now gone 2:30pm and I must get a move on with writing my book. Take care guys and if you’re ever in Nottingham, make sure Atlas is your first port of call. Seriously. The others pale in comparison.