As spring has finally sprung, we’re officially into the second warmest season of the year. Although it may not particularly feel clement or warm (come on, it’s freezing and veritable gloves and scarf weather), there’s nothing like a new menu launch to reaffirm the soul.

YO! Sushi launched a new menu earlier this week, which I was lucky to check out. I have reviewed the restaurant before (see my original review here).

Seating and layout remains unchanged, so I’ll dive straight into how I found additions to the new menu.

California Roll
California Roll

California Roll (surimi, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise, toasted black and white sesame seeds). Swiped from the belt, one of the prettiest morsels on the menu. Beautiful monochrome exterior dappled with sesame seeds, toasted to bring out a nuttier flavour.

Chicken Karaage
Chicken karaage

Chicken karaage (fried chicken, soy + sake marinade, mayonnaise). My favourite from the menu. Soy and sake make a happy marriage. Salty, crispy (slightly) chewy exterior is wonderful, especially with tender pieces of chicken. Think of this as a premium chicken nugget snack, that will no doubt appeal to those who dig finger lickin’ good chicken.

Furikake Fries
Furikake fries

Furikake fries (potatoes, sriracha mayonnaise, yuzu furikake, sesame, aonori, smoky bonito flakes). These are no regular fries, perfect for those who like food with a slight kick. These pimped up, packing a punch in the flavour stakes chips are very good with the citrus yuzu furikake topping, which channels umami. The subtle fish in the background of the seasoning adds an extra depth to the dish, whilst Bonito flakes extend the wonderful smoky, salty tang.

Cod Nanbanzuke
Cod nanbanzuke

Cod nanbanzuke (fried cod bites, sweet + sour sauce). This is one very handsome dish in all its glistening glory. I found the exterior texture a little too glutinous, but that is a personal point. The sweet and sour sauce seemed to lean more towards the sweet spectrum, but nothing a liberal splash of soy couldn’t fix.

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese
Smoked salmon & cream cheese

Smoked salmon & cream cheese (cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon). You can’t fault the classic combination of salmon and cream cheese, and here, it is given the YO! Sushi treatment with the masterful addition of rice. Another one of my favourite dishes on the night, which is simple and classic.

Pork Teriyaki
Pork teriyaki

Pork teriyaki consists of tender slices of pork belly, seasoned with a teriyaki glaze. I like YO! Sushi’s teriyaki sauce, which has a hint of warming ginger and pungent garlic, all against a honeyed backdrop. Portion size was very good, with three very generous slices to chomp on. This dish can be served with an egg, in case you want to up your protein intake too.

Osaka Style Squid
Osaka style squid

Osaka style squid (pepper squid, bonito flakes, aonori, beni shoga, mayonnaise, tonkatsu). The sprinkling of aonori and gingery beni shoga is a beautiful marriage. The squid benefits from being made tonkatsu style, as it is cooked at a high temperature to allow the breadcrumbs to quickly brown, leaving gentle and succulent squid inside. Downright lovely.

Hoisin Duck Bao
Hoisin duck bao

Hoisin duck bao (Hirata bun, pickled cucumber, duck, hoisin sauce). A must for those who have an infinity to oriental sauces. This version was wonderfully salty and five-spice heavy, slathered liberally over tasty duck slivers.

Malted Chocolate Pot
Malted chocolate pot

We wound up the meal with a dessert of malted chocolate pot (Belgian chocolate ganache, malt).

Smooth, delicious, and highly moreish, don’t be fooled by the small pot. It contains a stunning, rich filling with a hint of malt on the swallow (it takes a few seconds to show, but it’s definitely there). This dessert is one of my favourites, because it’s filling, but also comes with a mini spoon and is easily transportable which is also perfect if you’re on the go. I especially loved the h

All (yes 100%) of their seafood is responsibly sourced. This in conjunction with their vegan and vegetarian friendly offerings (16 and 33 respectively) is why I love YO! Sushi. Their new menu from is a triumph. From the peppery Osaka squid, to chicken Karaage, I highly recommend a visit to YO! Sushi stat.


Restaurant name: YO! Sushi

Founders: Simon Woodroffe

Derby branch open since: November 2015

Address: Intu Derby, West Mall, Intu Derby, DE1 2PL

Closest train station: Derby

Opening times: Monday – Saturday 11:30am-9:00pm / Sunday 11:30am-5:30pm

How to make reservation: No reservations except large parties and sushi schools sessions

Call: 01332 412304

General Manager: Alexander Trott





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