The nights are drawing in on chilly nights which means I am gravitating even more towards warming spirits. 

I have always been more of a spirits girl, and much prefer anything to do with rum, whisky and brandy, and quite simply, any cocktail made with these spirits.

One of my favourite cocktails is the Old Fashioned and sometimes I like to switch up the whisky with rum. 

My drinks cabinet has more sipping rum, which is best drank solo, but I do have a fair few whisky blends, so this evening I’ll be making a traditional Old Fashioned made with whisky.

I tend to use simple syrup in mine, although you can also use a cube of brown sugar to bring sweetness to the party. 

I tend to make a big batch of simple syrup and store it in the fridge, and because I have sweet teeth, I get through a bottle quite quickly.

The beauty of a simple syrup is in its name – it is simplicity itself to make it. 

It requires mixing together equal quantities of water (I used filtered) and granulated sugar, boiling for a few minutes, cooling, then decanting and storing in the fridge for up to one month.

Simple syrup will also keep indefinitely in the freezer, and can be a boon come Christmas time if you’re hosting.

My recipe for Old Fashioned cocktail

Ingredients for Old Fashioned Cocktail

  • Simple syrup
  • Two dashes Angostura Orange Bitters
  • 65ml whisky blend (I use Woodford Reserve or Chivas Regal)
  • Orange slice for garnish
  • Large cubes of ice

Method to make Old Fashioned cocktail

In a pretty tumbler, put in a good glug of simple syrup, two dashes of bitters, 65ml whisky, top with ice and garnish with an orange slice.

There you go, it is so simple and easy to see why it is one of my favourite drinks in the whole world.

I can’t remember exactly when I fell in love with Old Fashioned, but I have always been a fan of spirits. 

I will be experimenting more with drinks in the coming weeks, so do watch this space.

I would love to know what your favourite beverage is?

It can be either alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, as long as you love it, then that’s all good!

If you’re able to share a recipe for your favourite drink too, then that would be great too!