We’re told from a young age to “eat your greens”. Being a dissenting diner from the ripe young age of 12 and awkward rebel without a cause in my formative years to present day, I disliked anything that was distinctly green or good for you.

In a recent detox experiment and bid to get healthier, I decided to try out more vegetarian eateries. You know, restaurants that actually specialise in the cookery of vegetables or whole-foods only. So lo and behold I found myself inside Bobby’s Restaurant on Belgrave Road, Leicester.

I have been to Bobby’s a few times, having always found it an easy place to dine. Its prime location slap bang in Leicester’s Golden Mile makes it easy to get to. Although parking can be something of a nightmare (there is no dedicated car-park for Bobby’s patrons), the promise of good food easy on the pocket is strong enough to warrant repeat visits.

The first thing that hits you is the array of rainbow coloured sweet treats in the glass display (I personally think this is a ploy to get you salivating from the outset and a pretty good idea it is too). If the sweet display of Willy Wonka proportions was not enough to stop you in your tracks, the waft of freshly cooked Gujarati food from the kitchens will definitely have you doing your best meerkat impression as you try to ascertain the location of the delicious spicy aromas.

The eatery consisting of restaurant and take-away also doubles up as a catering business for weddings, parties and celebratory events; this explains the consistently busy foot-fall inside. Thankfully we were seated towards the back of the restaurant on the ground floor away from the hubbub and commotion.

After being promptly seated, my dining partner and I opted for the buffet dinner. The well-stocked and diverse food station serves hot curries, sweets, snacks and sundries. I was pleased to see the salad bar had lovely fresh vegetables (I have seen too many salad buffets that stockpile produce and keep wilting food on the plate till end of service, despite vegetables becoming limp and oxidised).

There is a wide selection of curries (all vegetarian of course) to tickle your taste-buds. Channa Masala (spicy and deliciously earthy chickpea curry), Tarka Daal (melt in your mouth split pea lentils) and Paneer Curry (cubes of Indian cottage cheese generously sprinkled with paprika for a pungent kick) are just a few to mention. Snacks include Dhokla (spicily scrummy yellow sponges with peppery mustard seeds), Coriander Chutney, Mini Poppadoms, Pilau Rice, and Bhatura (fried leavened bread great for mopping up a particularly saucy curry).

It’s difficult not to like Bobby’s. The food is very good, service with a smile always goes down a treat and when the entire meal comes to under £20 for two diners, that makes me one very happy diner. As far as vegetarian curry houses go, this is one to watch and where you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

For a delicious curry in a hurry that packs solid punches a la Rocky in the flavour stakes, check out Bobby’s Restaurant. And because the buffet is moreish and gorgeous, just don’t forget to starve yourself before you go.

Star Rating 1-10 (1: “I’d rather eat my own shoe, I hated it that much” – 10: “I’d pillage for a meal here”.)

Food: 8

Value for money: 10

Ambience: 7

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2 buffet portions (£6.99 each) plus 2 soft drinks (Diet Cokes £1.75 each). Total: £17.48

Address: 154 – 156 Belgrave Road, Leicester LE4 5AT Tel: 0116 266 0106

Website: www.eatatbobbys.com