I am a typical Leo; proud, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humble (ha! I hear you scoff)… and immensely stubborn.


It takes a hefty amount of persuasion (throw in a good book and some chocolate and you might get there faster) to sway my opinion. Now, imagine my surprise when I was asked a few times to try out kombucha.


Not much surprises me. In fact, I can probably count on the one hand the times I was surprised this year. The last time being a few weeks’ ago, when I discovered I loved cheesy, romantic films (more on that later, damn you Channel 5 for eviscerating my tough street-cred). The time before that, was seeing a man walk backwards. Yes, a man, a grown man walking backwards around town, scribbling notes as he went along. He’s well known in Derby and is considered something of a legend. I always want to ask him what he is writing, but I don’t want to disturb or offend him, but I am curious as hell, so perhaps I will pluck up the courage to see if he will share his note-book findings with me.


Back to my stoicism of not being surprised often, and what happened when I agreed to review No. 1 Kombucha.





I’ve tasted kombucha in the past, and I have never been a huge fan of it. The flavours always seemed too potent, with a yeasty tang that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. Would No. 1 Kombucha wipe that smug “Told you so, I dislike kombucha!” smile off my face?



I get cold very easily. I’d live in a sauna if I could (just think of all those lovely clean pores), which is why I appreciated the addition of the portable hand-warmer in the No. 1 Kombucha care package.


The company’s founder is Jonny Wilkinson CBE, world renowned rugby union player and health and wellbeing champion. He is currently taking the living foods market by storm by launching No. 1 Kombucha. His aim is to focus on the relationship people create with themselves, their mind and body. Commendable, but would I like his kombucha?


There are three flavour profiles, passion-fruit and goji; raspberry, pomegranate and hibiscus; and ginger and turmeric (the latter is what I tasted).



It opened with a slight fizz. I used to enjoy ginger ale back in the day, and this is what initially came to mind. Yes there was a tang to No. 1 Kombucha, but it was more citric rather than yeasty… and altogether pleasant. Dare I say it, I actually found myself surprised that I was enjoying it. I didn’t detect any turmeric flavour, but I did like the taste of warming ginger amalgamated with the white grape juice.


I sipped No. 1 Kombucha with a Malaysian curry supper, and it paired really well with this dish, which had accents of lemongrass and galangal.


In this health conscious age, it is great to see Jonny Wilkinson as a role model taking active steps to embrace the living foods arena.


Jonny said: “No. 1 Kombucha is all about celebrating life and living. I’ve always been a huge advocate for living foods and the powerful effect they can have by working with the body. Even the smallest changes to our diet can help to reveal more of this effortless ability we have to live in tune with this moment and with the world around us. No. 1 Kombucha is inspired by this idea.”



I enjoyed sipping No. 1 Kombucha, and I have factored it into my healthy living plan (more on that later). With on point branding using vibrant colours that really pop, and a great taste to boot, I heartily recommend No. 1 Kombucha.


For more information about No. 1 Kombucha, visit their website and social pages now. (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

*Complimentary Kombucha received to review*