What is your favourite season? Summer wins hands down for me. I cannot get enough of glorious sunshine, and halcyon evenings filled with muted sunshine rays and fond memories. I’m trying to cling onto summer for another few weeks, because autumn is literally around the corner, I can feel its chilly fingers reaching out as the nights draw in. 

The great thing about being in the throes of the back end of summer, is that you can usually indulge in your summery fantasy for a fraction of the cost. Mid-season sales are music to my ears, especially when uttered in a Hotel Chocolat store. At the moment, their summer range is around 50% discounted. An example if you will, of summery value for money is their Summer Chocolate Desserts Sleekster consisting of  36 chocolate petits fours including patisserie, sorbet, cheesecakes and billionaire shortbread. The online store says it is perfect for garden parties, but I say it’s also highly suited for snuggling on the couch, warm brandy in hand, playing catch up on The Bodyguard, whilst nibbling on the billionaire shortbread chocolate. (For anyone wanting to get into my good graces, feel free to buy me the Hotel Chocolat billionaire shortbread slabs/chocolate bites. My boyfriend got Hotel Chocolat on our first date, and I have loved him ever since.)

Back to the chocolatey content. Now, I would love to see more chocolate pairings (with wine perhaps, or spirits?) both in chocolatiers stores, and in restaurants. If you’re an eatery offering said chocolate pairings, hit me up, I would love to know more and attend  such a cool event. 

Going back to Hotel Chocolat, one very important question remains… how do you eat yours?