Summer Top Three…

Hello World,

*No pictures today, sorry. My phone is being erratic but I’ll update ASAP, I promise*

How are you? Hope all is well and that you’re having an absolutely cracking weekend. All good stuff has been happening, I’m deep in the throes of editing Book 2 and joy of joys, my characters are talking to me again!

I’m in the middle of finalising details for my book launch, which is all really rather exciting. Once it’s all sorted, I’ll definitely let you know, because it will be lovely to meet my readers and put faces to names.

So, what have you been up to? I’m lounging whilst blogging my heart out with Ludovico Einaudi blasting (Le Onde The Waves is one beautiful, lilting melody).

Do you have any preferred writing methods? When I’m not at home, I love writing in a café, especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yup, the hustle and bustle of a weekend breakfast crowd really gets my creative juices flowing. Top that with the aroma of coffee and thrill of a cakey treat and boom, there you go, THAT’s my perfect day.

Every weekend is chockfull with writing, editing, blogging, cooking, attending foodie events and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I get to meet likeminded bods passionate about food and keen on making a difference. I can’t speak highly enough about the Bolton Food & Drink Festival, which is where I sampled delicious food and treats galore. Last weekend I went to my first Sheena Holland Market in Derby, which had stalls on vintage fashion, food and craftware. And with summer drawing to a close, I thought it apt to do a Top Three Post of my Favourite Foodie Moments this summer. Here goes!

1. Foodie Chef Demos @ Bolton Food & Drink Festival. Highlights were watching Debbie Halls-Evans whizz up a creamy and tart black pepper and strawberry cheesecake and Michelle Gillott work her magic with chocolate. I’m in the middle of fleshing out a chocolate post for Christmas, so all your chocolate lovers, keep your eyes peeled.

2. Fresh, wholesome food @ Bolton Food & Drink Festival. Munching on meaty, spicy shark kebab from Nkono and the freshest, lightest, perfectly seasoned pizza from Drum & Baste was a treat for the eyes and tum-tum. I’m still dreaming of Nkono’s food. And his zingy relish was like rocket fuel that would have even my grandmother (who could eat Scotch Bonnet peppers like popcorn) reaching for pitchers of water.

3. Sheena Holland Derby Market is a gem of an event, which encourages local producers to sell their wares in an innovative and inventive manner on wooden stalls and carts, whilst 1940s songstresses sing whilst you shop. Seriously, can shopping get any quainter? Highlights include delicious cupcakes by Grace & Favour (I urge you to check out her raspberry and white chocolate concoction, it’s scrummy). And for the best chocolate that I’ve tasted in a long time, I must mention Cocoa Tabby. Her white chocolate and popping candy bars are moreish and perfectly tempered, whilst her hazelnut truffles are little pieces of heaven. I forgot to make a note of the Italian cart company loaded with Antipasti, so Sheena if you’re reading this, maybe you could provide? Your sister was manning the cart, so she may know. Thanks!

The nights are drawing in and change is in the air. Christmas goods have already started appearing on shelves, and it’s with a heavy heart that I bid summer adieu. Still, with Halloween around the corner, and my imminent book launch next month, it’s going to be a fun, fab, few months.

Speak soon,