The Perfect Afternoon in… Nottingham!

catHey guys, hope you’re all well. It’s nearly bedtime but I just had to jump on for a quickity quick blog and tell you about a few totally cool places which I had the pleasure to frequent this weekend. Gal Pal S had popped down for a daytrip so it was going to be a special day from the outset. It was a lovely day, the only variable being the weather. There were times I felt like Audrey Hepburn (I wish), when she got a royal drenching when looking for Cat. Back to the weather; it just couldn’t make up its mind as we saw the full gamut of Mother Nature’s tantrums, ranging from monsoon-esque deluges to hotter-than-Rio temperatures. (That’s Rio in Brazil, not Rio Ferdinand – just thought I’d clarify.)

20140607_134708After ambling arm in arm in the drizzling rain pretending we were Jane Austen heroines, we settled on Edin’s Deli / Café. This place has bucket loads of rustic charm and the food has that delicious home-made taste to it. Me and the Gal Pal both chose the Smoked Ham Gnocchi, which was scrummily salty with earthy cheese and slivers of sage which went really together. We were seated upstairs, but because it was a hot day and there being no ventilation upstairs, we did the whole seat switcheroo for coffee and cake downstairs. Because one has to enjoy coffee and cake in optimum ambiance – no less will do for these ambrosial foodstuffs.
Edin’s didn’t let me down; their orange tart was tasty and zingy. The Gal Pal chose a pear tart with ice-cream, but it arrived cold, when she had specifically asked for it to be heated up. I grant it was a busy restaurant, but I’m big on customer service. I really wish they had heated it up, because what was an otherwise average tart, had the potential to be an amazing mouthful. With dishes fairly priced fairly and an amazing cake counter that took my breath away, a return to Edin’s is something of a dead cert. Our two course lunch including a glass of wine and coffee cost just over £40. Just a quick one for the owners; please do look into ventilation upstairs, because it’s a lovely place with even lovelier food; it would be a shame for this teeny tiny thing to let your ab fab establishment down.

20140607_170628After more walking and window shopping, we stumbled onto a hidden gem Delilah. Now this took approximately five seconds to become one of my favourite places in Nottingham. It’s that lovely mix of deli / pantry / café / restaurant / all round fabulous hang out place that’s cool without trying to be. After shopping with rustic baskets, we took a breather upstairs for a trio cheese-board washed down with a glass of vino. And then we resumed shopping after being fed and watered.

This place if fantastic, because the customer service is great (Gareth is highly knowledgeable) and the selection of food diverse, eclectic and downright scrummdidliumsious (I’m sure I’ve spelt that wrong but I’m too tired for spell-check).

20140609_174129I must admit I go crazy for a good olive. And the garlic stuffed green ones were yum, albeit a tad too salty for my palate. Their pumpkin and cheese concoction was delicious, and nothing like I’ve ever tasted or seen before. I picked up Teoni’s cookies too (dipped white chocolate chip) and thought they were beautifully packaged and even prettier to eat. Would I go to Delilah’s again? In a heartbeat. In fact, if I could be transported there Harry Potter styleee via Flue Powder, I’d go right now (despite probably needing matchsticks to prop my eyes open with). I cannot wait to visit Delilahs’s soon, because it’s such a vast place, I’m sure I’ll find something I didn’t appreciate before. I’m dying to check out their exciting popcorn (caramel and strawberry sounded pretty amazing), but with prices from £3.99 for a bag, couldn’t splurge anymore. When I’m a trillionaire, I’d do my weekly shop from Delilah’s, but for now, I’ll settle for the more pocket friendly Aldi / M&S /CostCo.

Ciao for now,