Hey all, how are you doing? It’s been a cracking few days for this Derby foodie; in between the Buxton Festival book signing in Derbyshire, discovering new places and trialling out more delicious foodie recipes in my test kitchen, the days seem to literally melt away like a Mint Choc Chip Cornetto on a hot day.

Tommy Tucker box

OK, so the lovely people at Tommy’s Popcorn sent me a box of popcorn goodies in 4 flavours; Sweet, Sweet & Salty, Toffee and Salt & Vinegar. These were generous sharing bags that have zero artificial flavours or colours and are wheat, GM and gluten free. The first thing I noticed was how fresh the popcorn tasted. The kernels seemed pleasantly gigantic too, none of those teeny tiny penny size kernels here, that seem to be omnipresent in other brands (mention no Butterscotchy names).

I cracked open my final bag (Sweet) whilst watching Alias (more on that later) and it was more than enough to keep us going through two 40 minute episodes. I’ve had popcorn on many on occasion, and have to say that Tommy’s Popcorn is the best I have ever tasted. Their Sweet offering was subtle and perfectly cinema sweet, minus the price tag, whilst the Toffee (which was also my favourite) had a luxurious feel to it. Each kernel was covered with a sweet lick of toffee caramel, which melted in the mouth to a lovely light burnished caramel.

For those who dig savoury foods, the Salt & Vinegar flavouring was innovative, whilst the Sweet & Salty was just as inventive (great for when you’re in the mood for mixing it up and can’t decide on whether you want Sweet, Salty or well, both. What I love about Tommy Tucker is their open mind to experiment with different flavours. Chilli & Lemon, Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Fruits of the Forest and Coconut Toffee are just a few flavours created by Tommy, and I cannot wait to check them out. And I find popcorn is great for snacking, especially if you’re on a health-kick (like yours truly). You simply grab a few fistfuls and pop into a mini Ziploc bag, so you can munch on the go without piling on 20150502_185124those dreaded calories.

So who is Tommy Tucker? They’re a cool family business with over 20 years’ experience in the cinema, leisure and retail industries. From humble beginnings, they now manufacture thousands of products onsite and have worked with all major cinema and leisure chains. They also do delicious flapjacks and other confectionary products, so do check out their website for more information by hopping onto www.tommytucker.co.uk. You’d be mad not to give them a whirl and I defy you not to be hooked after your first mouthful.