With a “blink and you’ll miss it” summer, it’s important to seize the day whenever you spot a ray of sunshine.

I was privileged to check out The Wonky Sun Terrace, on a particularly clement Sunday evening. This cutesy quaint courtyard can be found towards the back of the restaurant. One of the standout features of this characterful bistro restaurant is the décor inside, which is wondrous and pretty in all its sophisticated-boho glory.


Whenever I’ve dined at The Wonky Table, it has always been indoors, so it was a novelty to enjoy a spot of al fresco drinking and dining. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy hazy afternoon, can you?


From ceramic flamingos to retro-style lights, the courtyard is one very special place to be. The space is cosy and cute, with considerately placed chunky throws on the backs of chairs to keep those evening chills at bay. Each table also plays host to a tomato and mint plant, check out these bad boys which I thought were a nice touch.


We sampled a few taster boards; one meat, one vegetarian. Note – these dishes aren’t on the menu. What I can tell you, is that cooking of this calibre should be applauded. I sincerely hope The Wonky Table serves these dishes, because they’re just so darn delicious. Here is the meat platter, doesn’t it look terrific?


There was honey chorizo (chargrilled and stunning) and cured meat. Beef tomato salad with beef dripping dressing was inventive, whilst the sprinkling of onion seeds added depth to the dish. Chunky croutons were a welcome addition which acted as a magical sponge to all that delicious dressing. There was also a selection of bread, which was great dipped into the artichoke, pea, mint, and chickpea dip. This dip had many layers of flavour; first came the fragrant mint, hint of pea, which melded really well with the nutty artichoke. The chickpea rounded off the dish, with that gorgeous textured earthiness reminiscent of hummus.


On the vegetarian platter, we had onion bhaji, made with dukkah, an Egyptian mix of herbs and spices including coriander seeds, cumin, salt, pepper and nuts. Now, being a fan of bhajis and having grown up with them, I can be quite particular about one of my favourite dishes. Chef at The Wonky Table can certainly cook a mean onion bhaji. It is as good as my mom used to make and this heavenly morsel should definitely be on the menu. Also starring on this pretty board was tandoori halloumi, which was a great twist on paneer, whilst the accompanying quinoa salad was moreish, filling and perfectly seasoned. I especially liked the chunks of tomato, which rendered the salad delectably sweet and juicy.

The presentation of both platters was great, and it’s really awesome to see vegetarians getting a look-in with the thoughtfully (and stunningly) prepared vegetarian board. The restaurant also boasts an excellent cocktail menu and frequently hold Vegetarian Nights and great lunch-time deals. I’m in the middle of compiling a feature on lunch-time deals in Derby so do keep your eyes peeled.

Would I go again to The Wonky Table? Hell yes. Tell you what, see you there.

Address: 32-33 Sadler Gate, Derby DE1 3NR. Tel: 01332 295000

Website: www.wonkytable.co.uk